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Ethical hacker Omar Ganiev to make a keynote speech at OFFZONE 2023
The conference will feature DeteAct founder Omar Ganiev as a keynote speaker. He will talk about the changes in the cybersecurity industry in recent years.
Omar Ganiev is an ethical hacker, researcher, and security analyst with more than 15 years of experience. He is a multiple winner of CTF competitions. His company DeteAct specializes in application security assessment and penetration testing.
Over the past 3 years, Omar’s team has done more than 150 pentests. It is ranked among the world’s 5 best hacking squads (HackTheBox) and the top 50 bug hunters (HackerOne). Omar is a regular speaker at industry conferences in Russia, the UAE, and other countries.
“Cybersecurity is driven by technology. As recently as 10–15 years ago, there were no such programming languages as Rust and Golang, no cloud infrastructures and K8s, Ethereum smart contracts, and other things we are used to now. However, new threats sometimes emerge from the old technologies: ten years ago, there was hardly anyone capable of hacking Active Directory or who had a clue how vulnerable MS Exchange and Java apps are,” comments Omar Ganiev.
In his presentation Let’s hack old‑timers!, the speaker will explore how cybersecurity has transformed over time.
Despite the emergence of new technologies and programming languages, legacy systems keep operating with millions of lines of code. This prompts cybersecurity specialists to constantly expand their expertise. In contrast, attackers tend to simplify their techniques and tactics, massively switching from clever ploys to extortion.
Has the impact of the human factor reduced? How responsive are security mechanisms to changes? Should we focus on combating complex and new threats while attackers successfully employ old methods? How has the cybersecurity landscape changed over the past 10 years? Can we use this knowledge to get prepared for the future?
These and other questions will be addressed at OFFZONE 2023.
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